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Sunday, November 8, 2009

My belly, biggest ever. I hope you like it. I wish to find a nice guy, feeder perhaps, who would help me grow it much bigger and fatter :)

Monday, December 15, 2008


Gaining Peter part one!

Peter lived abroad in a small European country and he thought of himself to be above average. And above average indeed he was, in every since. He was 26 years old, somewhat stocky in built. He was an ex jock, 6' tall and he weighted around 240 lbs with a very masculine face, broad shoulders, strong legs and a starter belly. He was a very intelligent and smart guy. He could easily compete, on intellectual level with the smartest fellow students at his university.

Since, he was trying to put some weight by himself for quite some time, there were people who would say that his belly was already big and that he was already fat. But Peter thought of himself as a rather slim and skinny guy. He considered that besides his belly, his face was his best feature and he was a very good looking guy, indeed, attracting both guys and girls. Girls were, of course, not interesting for him, at least not sexually.

He was gay. He liked guys more. He liked the smell of a real man, the way men walk, talk, look, act and of course, make love. But most of all he wanted to love and to be loved.
But, this is a not a romantic story of love or how one guy falls in love with another, and how they live happily ever after, like in a fairytale.

This is a story about Peter's constant wish, desire, call it what you want, to get fatter. To grow his belly. To be grown, like an animal. To get fatter for someone. To be fed. To satisfy his instincts, his urges to feel massive, to be heavy, to be obese, to have a big, hanging belly. But this urge and desire made him very unhappy. He knew that he was a minority among average gay population in his country and that the chances of him finding some twin soul were very limited.
He also felt very frustrated because, as time flu by, he couldn't putt on any serious weight trying by himself. He "started gaining" that is, putting on the weight deliberately, a few years back, but he had actually only managed to put on about 60 lbs. This made him angry and disappointed in himself. He was also very lonely, as he avoided any company.

He wanted a man at his side. Someone who could understand him, but most of all, a guy who would be turned on by his weight gain and someone who would find sexual excitement in fattening him up and making him gain weight.

He was spending a lot of time on the internet, searching for a soul mate. Someone who was "the right guy" for him. He often felt frustrated, as time passed by, since he wasn't able to find anyone who was even close enough to what he was looking for. He searched in his country, European countries nearby and abroad, in USA, UK, Australia... It was all so far away, he thought. Haven if he found a guy who would feed him and make him huge, how would that relationship function, he wondered. Would it be based only on the gaining fetish or on love, mutual understanding and more?

All those questions piled in his head. Guys he usually met online, from his country, were always laughing when he said that he wanted to get fatter deliberately. Some even called him crazy. Eventually he could stumble on a few "feeders" in his area, but all those were not honest and probably too afraid to do it for real. His patience started to grow thinner. He thought of forgetting the whole idea, to hit the gym again, to forget his ever growing desire to have a huge belly. But as he did that, he would always see some big bellied guys and he wanted to have a belly like they do, and even bigger.

It is a very strange thing this belly growing fixation, he thought to himself. He imagined it could be connected to a past life experience where, maybe, he was a much fatter guy, and now he missed his "old" body. He could also relate it to the transsexual experience where men born as men, have uncontrolled desire to become women and the opposite, maybe because once, in the past life, they were indeed women.

That’s why he also thought of himself as being a pig in a previous life. The idea of being an animal, rather than a human being disgusted him. But maybe, just maybe he was once fattened up on a farm, where his only life purpose was to get fatter, be slaughtered and fed to the hungry families, sustaining their lives by sacrificing his. Maybe he wanted to be fattened up like a pig in this life, too? It all confused him more and made him very sad.

He didn't lay any hopes in finding a guy in the United States. Americans were very strange online, always talking about fattening him up and then disappearing. He wanted a stabile guy and he really tried literally everything. He even made a video of himself and posted it on youtube, begging to be fed, but it produced no results.

He got some answers all right. Some guys wrote him but they weren't serious about really feeding him. The closest he was to really being fed and fattened up like a pig, was with one guy from Stockholm in Sweden. This guy invited him to come, but Peter was a student and he couldn't afford the plane ticket.

He also met some guys from Germany who eventually stood him up. He even went from his small country in the Eastern Europe all the way to the Netherlands but his "feeder" only took him on a hamburger and then left.

And just when Peter thought that real life is such a stupid place where nothing exciting and hot can happen he met Mark, the bodybuilder!

But before I start telling you about Mark, I'd like to portray what kind of guys Peter liked, both physically and mentally. It's very difficult to say which type Peter preferred more, but it was very important that all those guys, with whom he'd date, wanted his belly to get bigger and wanted him to eat, be lazy, gain weight and get fatter for them. Because for him, it was the journey that counts, not the final destination, which in Peter's case was partial immobility.

YES, it's not a phrase or a pure statement. He indeed secretly desired to become that fat. He felt that only this size could calm his desire to grow and have a big belly.

He wanted his guy to be very big muscled, muscular, masculine, call it whatever you want. The main idea was that this guy would be built like offseason bodybuilders are, with massive arms, huge pecs, small waist but with no belly. He liked the contrast, he liked the idea of such a powerful guy having control over him. He desired so much to let himself go to such a strong and beautiful guy! He knew there were guys who liked to feel strong, dominant and who take sexual pleasure in big bellies. He just needed this guy to have the urge to feed him and make him fatter. And Peter wanted to satisfy that urge. He wanted to grow and become totally submissive. He wanted to put all his decision making power into this guy's hands!

The second type Peter liked was a lean, slim, athletic type of guy. Guys who're tall but who're not so massive, muscular nor strong as the previous type. But their best feature would have to be their sexual organ, or, I'm not sure if it's allowed to say it here...COCK. Yes, lets drop false morality, Peter loved hung guys. He desired his feeder to have a massive crotch. He desired a huge cock that would make him fear this guy, respect him and most important of all, eat for him. He wanted to be submitted to this massive, sexy, thick, long, horny, hard, pulsating piece of male meat. To grow his navel and his belly for his feeder’s cock...

And at last but not any less important, he liked other big bellied guys, fellow gainers and belly growers. He respected them for what they have done with their bellies. He could also see himself getting fatter for an already fat, big bellied guy who wanted to make him fatter and maybe even fatter than he was!

Now Mark was a bodybuilder! He was 32 years old, very masculine with a very short hair and rough face. But he was pretty in a way. His face was somehow connected via his neck to his huge shoulders and it was all massive, beefy. I have no words to describe it. His arms were massive, thick biceps, awesome triceps, huge hands. He was built like those offseason bodybuilders with an exception that he had a small waist. His legs and quads were also huge, very well built. He looked gorgeous in a swim suit and everybody wanted to be him at the gym. Mark of course liked the way he looked. He also wanted to control people, and that's why he wanted to be so strong. Maybe somewhere deep within that was the reason why he did bodybuilding in the first place. It was arousing him to be the one in control, to dominate every situation and especially when it came to sex and relationships. He was aroused by younger men, like Peter, who he could control but most of all he liked big bellies and fat guys. He had a hard on, as he remembered, on that kind of guys ever since he was a boy.

He liked lazy, huge eating guys, but the younger they were, the more he liked them to be big and fat. That’s why he probably always jerked off on feeding and fattening up other young guys. He even joined some forums on the internet about this topic. He remembered how once he had posted a pic of himself and when he did, all of the sudden his mailbox was full of stupid messages. That’s why he decided to stay "undercover", anonymous if you know what I mean. He liked to chat with guys about weight gain but he didn't want to reveal himself. Meanwhile, his desire to feed someone became so unbearable that he decided to concentrate more on bodybuilding and muscles.

He blew out his rage and frustration every day at the gym and he was getting bigger and more muscular all the time. But the main thought occupying his mind was how to do it. How could he find the right guy and live the fantasy through? The very thought made him shoot his load every night, but he was too scared to try it for real, no matter how big and strong he physically appeared.

He was always stumbling across already fat guys who were drooling all over him and those guys were usually older. He had nothing against them, but he was attracted to the young, just starting to gain type of guys. And he wanted that guy to be discrete!

One evening he started chatting with Peter. His heart started pounding when he heard Peter's sincere and desperate calls to be fed and made half immobile. It was perfect. Peter was in Europe, and he was in the USA, so he could do it discretely. He could have Peter at his place and no one would know! He could feed him there and make him so fat that emigration authorities couldn't deport Peter back home. So, he would become his life time lover. His permanent feeding project. That is why he decided to reveal his true identity to Peter and to show him his pics.
Peter was half astonished, half disappointed, because he couldn’t believe that this was actually Mark on those photos. He strongly felt that this guy was just another liar in the row of fake bodybuilders. It would be nothing new in the gaining community. But that's when Mark invited Peter to show himself on the web cam.

Peter could not believe his eyes. Here he was, the muscle stud of his dreams, just in front of him, via web cam. Peter also revealed his belly to Mark and Mark has loved it so much! It was just perfect for him, because he wanted exactly that type of boy. Someone young, smart, sexy, with a huge desire to get fatter, but most of all, what excited him about Peter so much was the fact that he felt a bit of submissiveness in him. He felt that this young guy, so far from him, would do literally everything just to get fatter and satisfy his (Mark's) desire. He also loved being muscle-worshiped and admired. He strongly felt how Peter could give him all that in one package. Gaining, growth, submissiveness and most of all big belly. Love, affection and those higher feelings would come, he thought, later as they got to know each other. It was his dream after all...

After that first chat they started "seeing" each other on the daily basis. He knew Peter was a student who couldn't support himself financially, so he didn't insist on meeting for real, but the chats grew more intensive and more serious by day. They talked about gaining most of the time, and they would jerk off on cam which was very stupid for him, but he didn't object it. If it was somebody else Mark wouldn't have even shown himself on the cam! But he became quite fond of Peter.

Eventually he proposed to meet but Peter couldn't afford a trip to the USA. At the moment it seemed like a dead end situation. Mark was such a hunk and he could have any guy off the street. Why should he pay some guy to come all the way from Europe to visit him?
But he liked that guy so much! And he wanted to satisfy his ever increasing desire to fatten somebody up. So, he decided to go for it. For once in his life to do what he always wanted to do.
And after that big decision, there he was. He stood at the local airport waiting for Peter to arrive. He secretly hoped that Peter would come and stay as much as it was needed for him to get really fat.

Peter had similar thoughts in his mind while the plane was touching down. He ate well on the place but it was airline food. He was rather hungry. He was also very scared. What would happen if Mark wasn't who he said he was. There were number of things which could go wrong and he knew that. But if he thought in that way, then it would drive him insane. He just concentrated on the good things. On the chats he had with Mark. On the belly which he wanted to grow so big and so heavy.

So, Mark was waiting for Peter at the international arrivals gate. He knew that Peter would immediately recognize him because he was the most muscular and the biggest guy around, so there was no need for any name tags. He wore a black t-shirt with short sleeves so his biceps and triceps were showing off and they were huge, measuring 21 inch around when flexed. His torso's V shape was clearly visible. He also wore his favorite pants because jeans were too small for his huge and muscular thighs. He wanted to impress Peter with his appearance most of all because he knew of the importance of the first impression. He knew that if he could leave a good impression on Peter, that the guy would be forever his to love, fatten and control.

He's not there, Peter thought, while he exited the arrivals gate. But why the guy who had sent him the money to come would stand him up? Was he after all a fake? And suddenly there he was, standing. Peter saw him. He was beautiful. More than any guy he had seen at home. He was dark, tall, handsome! Towering much over 6 feet and weighing over 270 lbs, Mark was a real meat hunk. A real offseason bodybuilder and he was waiting just for him. Peter was mesmerized at what he saw. he couldn't believe his eyes that this guy was real. He tried to catch a breath and while he stood there like frozen, Mark was already over him, hugging him and welcoming him to the United States.

He asked him how was the flight and he really liked how Peter looked. OK, he was a little bit disappointed because he expected Peter to be slightly fatter in real life, but it was the reason he came to visit him, after all. So he firmly decided to make this guy much, much fatter! He could finally have his dream come truth and it was showing on his groin area. He had a huge hard on and he was such a hunk that he made no effort in concealing it.
At Mark's place

When they arrived, Mark had already packed the fridge with all the food he thought would be essential for the first day or two. He planned to take it easy. Not to frighten away his new guest. But he wanted to show Peter how he is going to take care of him. He suggested that since Peter was probably very tired from the trip that he should relax, take a shower and eat something and while Peter was showering he made him a huge lunch. It was all heavy, fattening food. Peter was indeed hungry and he are it all but was a little shy. He was shy, but he hoped that mark would take off his t-shirt and show him off his wonderful muscles and force him with them to eat the last pieces of his meal.

He started touching Mark's muscles and the room suddenly became too small. Mark felt Peter's sensitive fingertips on his hard biceps and he flexed it not being aware of what was happening. It was so spontaneous and natural. He showed his muscles to Peter and asked him if he would finish all that if he took off his t-shirt? Peter nodded with excitement. The dream was finally coming truth! Peter touched Mark's muscles and ate with the other hand. It was such an erotic moment. When he ate all of the food, Mark removed his t-shirt and showed him his beautiful, sculptured chest, V shaped traps, powerful sholders. He asked Peter would he like to eat some more for him and his muscles. It was such an erotic statement! Something both of them wanted to say and hear all their lives! Peter said yes and soon he had to eat all of the additional food which was placed on his plate. He was chewing slowly and he was already full. But he kept eating to please Mark. he was also afraid to stop and say NO, I CAN'T EAT THIS! Instead he moaned and ate as his other hand was touching marks strong body.

Than Mark went up, took off his pants and he was left with nothing more than a swimming suite. It was a black swimming suite and it looked amazingly good on him! Peter thought to himself that if they're gonna do this every mean, every day, all the time, that he was going to get very fat in a blink of an eye. Mark flexed for him but Peter couldn't take another bite anymore. They were both so happy that this was finally happening! He gave Peter a cup of a weight gainer shake and helped him drink it. When Peter was done, he couldn't get up. Mark carried him to the bedroom and he put him to sleep. When he woke up Mark was in bed beside him, cuddling his belly. They started cuddling and made love for hours.

It was time for another fattening meal for Peter and they did everything all over again, except this time the evening came very quickly. Peter was exausted from all the eating and travelling. He complained about being too tired to go to the toilette. He needed to pee but was unable to get up because his belly was so swollen. Mark brought him a jar where he could take a leak whenever he wanted, without getting up! He helped him get off his pants and held his cock while Peter was easing himself. He didn’t have to do anything. He didn’t have to waste any calories at all. He just had to lay in there, relax and let the muscle guy do everything for him! It was fun and he liked it!

He wondered what would happen if he needed to “do the big thing”, how would he go to the toilette than and how would Mark help him with that. He kind of hoped that he would take him there himself, since it was his greatest wish in gaining for Peter to become totally lazy and dependant on a guy. He wanted to be treated like a baby!

The night came and gone, Mark has woke him up once during the night to eat which he thought was the ultimate hot moment of his life, and then he just kept sleeping.

They repeated the same ritual day after day until it became sort of boring for Peter. He would be in bed or in sofa all the time, eating something. He was totally lazy. All he needed Mark brought him and when he had to leave the flat, he left Peter a lot of food which he HAD to eat. It was all hot all right but it started to be a little bit too boring for him. All he did was watching TV, eating and nothing much else happened. Mark didn’t let him walk. He started feeling like a prisoner. He was there for like two weeks and Mark allowed him to take shower only once. He didn’t want him to waste calories on walking and showering alone. Only with Marks help. He carried him from bed to sofa and back. Mark said that if Peter didn’t walk and use his muscles that all the food he ate would become fat on his body and belly. He also confessed he wanted Peter to develop muscular atrophy, because if his muscles were too weak, he would move less and gain faster!

Peter thought all this was a bit too extreme and started questioning his stay at Mark’s. Did he make the right decision by coming here? He was in the USA and he didn’t even leave the Mark’s flat for once. What about outdoor restaurants? What about sightseeing? It was all starting to be all too stupid.

When Mark came home that afternoon he decided to confront him, though he was a bit afraid of what his reaction might be to this!

He said how he was unhappy and what bothered him. All this affected Mark very badly. He
thought Peter was very happy with him and he thought they have started to share some mutual feelings for eachother. This was definitely a setback for both of them.

However, Peter looked and felt fatter than before he came to the USA. His belly was bigger and his chest were sagging more. They were fuller and he felt how his underwear was tightening him more under his belly. Mark wanted to see how much Peter had gained during those two weeks he has spent at his place. So he weighted him and Peter was 258 lbs which was a 18 lbs gain.
Not bad! They were both excited by the numbers written on the scales, which kind of gave Peter new strength to move on! Mark proposed a new daily routine for Peter. He agreed to take him on a sightseeing, but by car, so that he didn’t have to walk much. Also, he agreed to take Peter to the restaurants in town and let him watch him while he trained at the gym. He believed that doing things together could just bond them closer together.

For doing all this, Peter had to do his part for Mark too. So, he had to agree to a daily routine which would include total laziness. He would have to be tied up, or in bed all the time, except they went out together. He could use the internet of course, watch TV, but he wasn’t allowed to jerk off alone. That way he would waste valuable calories. He could chat to other guys online, Mark had no problems with that. He was overconfident in his uniqueness and muscle size. He thought that Peter chatting to other guys online could only get more encouragement to get fatter!

They agreed to take progress pics and videos of Peter’s growth and put it on the internet. It turned on Peter very much that other men could see how fat he’s gonna get with this super hunk’s help!

All this was easy to agree on but then came the hard part. Mark demanded that Peter should use drugs and hormones to get fatter faster! Those hormones were called corticosteroids, which were used to cure allergies and asthma. “Unpleasant” side effect of this was weight gain, but it had its side effects, too. They agreed that he should use these for a month and then see what happens from there.

Mark also insisted that, when they were inside, not going anywhere, Peter should do everything in sofa or in bed, in order to compensate all those calories lost in walk “outside”. So he should eat in bed or on sofa, sleep there, pee and shit there. Even pee or shit while he was eating! He wasn’t allowed to take a shower or shave. Mark would do this for him when Peter really needed a shower, otherwise he would become totally shabby – a total slob.

Peter thought all this was way too extreme but he had to agree and do whatever Mark wanted him to do. Mark on the other hand knew that Peter would soon become very lazy and weak to go out or walk a lot, so he knew that he would at the end basicly only be inside, eating, and getting fatter!

Mark posed for him and let him worship his muscles all the time. He sometimes had to flex for Peter to eat more or to cuddle him and let his kiss his biceps so he would finish a plate. Peter was a good boy, he did all he was asked to do. He regularly sucked him off and was getting lazier by the day.

After approximately two months of Peter’s stay with him, he wanted to get him to bath. Peter was indoors now most of the time, eating and watching TV. He was always dozing or sleepy. He seemed to Mark like half retarded person by now. He ate like a pig all the time. Sometimes he was even lazy to eat! He had to put food into his mouth. When he wasn’t awake and eating he slept and he reminded him like a huge “pet” he fattened up at home, that nobody knew about. But he loved that pet and he wanted him to keep growing.

That day he wanted to see how much Peter has gained. He has had troubles getting him off the sofa where he ate, slept, pissed and shitted in adult diapers Mark had got him. Peter turned him on so much! Living through this fantasy was the hottest experience ever! He used his huge muscles to get him off the sofa and when he placed him on the scales, they were both astonished. It read 310 lbs! Wow, 310 lbs since the last measurement!? This meant that Peter has gained from 258 to 310 in little over six weeks! Wow a 52 lbs gain in only 6 weeks. No wonder, since he was always in bed, eating and he didn’t move at all. Mark used to tie his legs with a belt when he went to the gym. It was amazing!

Peter’s belly was much bigger now. He was so fat and lazy now. It was beyond belief! He got him so hard all the time now! His belly had a big overhang, he developed a double chin, his belly button was so much deeper than when he had arrived. He also had fat on his hands and legs, but it was nothing comparing to his belly! It had ballooned!

But that’s when the big shock came. When he wanted to put him in the bath, Peter couldn’t lift his leg! He was already practically disabled person, at only 310 lbs. Later Peter admitted that he could lift his leg after all, but he was just lazy to do so and he wanted Mark to help him.

Peter was so lazy now. He was just laying in the bath and he couldn’t or better say wouldn’t lift his hands. Mark massaged his overfed body with soap. His strong hands slid under Peter’s belly and touched his cock which was now smaller than before since it has sunk into the under belly fat. All Peter could do was to lift his lower body in the bath and move his belly outwards. When he used his belly muscles or what has left of them to artificially inflate his belly and make it bigger. With all this he drove Mark crazy!

It was mesmerizing to watch this handsome, ex jock slowly turning into a pig and now being so lazy and fat that his belly has become the main feature of his body. Peter was becoming more and more dependent on Mark and more and more lazy! Mark knew that and the entire sight of Peter’s unfit body laying there lazily in the bath produced a huge hard on in his underwear that he was wearing. Mark took his briefs off and grabbed Peter’s head. He put his cock into his mouth widening it, literally raping Peter’s hungry, lazy mouth. Peter was so lazy that Mark had to hold his head not to fall since he was now days almost always like drugged from all that food and calories which were shoveled into him. He moved in and out while his huge shaved balls touched his piggy’s chin. He felt like he owned this lazy, pig boy. He asked loudly Peter is he going to gain more for him!? Is he going to be his piggy and completely submit himself to him? Is he going to allow to become totally deformed by the amount of food he’s gonna shovel into him day after day!?

Peter was in trance and he just mumbled yes, yes, yes my love. Mark shot a huge load hearing this all over Peter’s face, man tits and belly! He rubbed his semi hard, still huge cock into his belly button while gently massaging his belly. Peter wasn’t allowed to cum. He could only do that from time to time when Mark decided that he ate well and that he could afford such a waste of fattening calories.

He kissed Peter for being such a good boy and he dried him up, and took him on a sofa in the living room. He kneeled in front of Peter, who was already eating some snacks, and asked him if he would like to get him a wheel chair? It meant that he would take him out to the fresh air much more often and Peter wouldn’t have to walk and waste valuable calories on such a futile activity as walking. Plus, they’d both have their fantasy played out to the max.
Peter thought it was a bit too early for the wheel chair. After all his goal was only partial immobility and he thought he was still too light for being immobile. But Mark insisted so he had to agree. He was a bit scared of all this by now, but somehow it was all also very exciting and sexually stimulating for him. Mark also said he would tie his legs together with a few leather belts so he couldn’t walk at all. Just to pretend that he’s actually disabled pig. He assured Peter that in that way, he’s gonna gain much faster and more.

That is how gainer Peter’s and bodybuilder Mark’s adventure started. How their relationship and mutual fetish started to develop and grow bigger and bigger. All the characters in this story are a fruit of writer’s imagination and the fact that the writer of this story is also a gainer and that his name is also Peter is just a coincidence. So, wait to see what happens with Peter and Mark in the next part of this story!

However, if you liked this story and want to be Peter’s feeder in real life, send me a message at helpmegethuge@hotmail.com :-)